Phunk Zone U

Interested in becoming a part of the team? Here’s your opportunity to be a part of a winning team! By enrolling in PZU you will get tremendous discounts on Phunk Zone/HLT products & all PZ music releases & virtual (live streaming) performances are free for all enrollees. You will also receive a custom PZU jersey with your unique number and your customized name on the back. If you’re reading this post you’ve already ta the first step. Enrollment is open through March 17...special pricing is as follows: Special Price Regular Price

Annual: $950. $1250

2-year: $1500* $2200*

3-yr. $2100* $2750*

lifetime: $2500** $3000** VIP $9900*** not available

*includes 2 free PZ masks

**includes 2/passes to annual live streaming performance ***includes VIP Seating for live streaming performances/free t-shirt & mask annuall/home & away jersey. We add new items to our catalog monthly. All enrollments come with a 20% discount on all products.

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