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Get discounted online access to all of our live events for life!

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Can't make it to the live stream?  Get the limited recorded copy each automatically!  Special discount for a limited time!

Phunk U want?

We specialize in turning  your home or privately owned location into a creative production center.  Inquire via email if in the market.

VIP Performance

If live streaming isn't enough have your own private event this year. Pricing is based on type of event.  In VA Beach 5 miles from  the oceanfront.

Original Phunk

If your project or product requires phunky tracks, songs, looks, sounds, etc then this is the right place!  email us for more details & pricing: info@phunkzone.com

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Have an outside event?  Need more phunk in your life?  Your live sound is missing that phunk?  Book us today!